Sizes, Ratios and Special Requests

Print Sizes and Ratios

Most images displayed here are either in the standard full frame format ratio of 2:3, a panoramic cropped ratio of 1:3 or a square ratio 1:1.

The native resolution of the source image file will determine the available choice in print sizing for a particular media type. This varies due to the image capture equipment or the amount of cropping that may have been applied post capture.

That said, if you are willing to sacrifice some quality in resolution and detail, which is normally not noticeable at normal viewing distances anyway, other sizes can be created for special projects.

Please contact us via email to investigate such options and pricing.

Please also bear in mind that the finished print once framed by your professional framer will be much larger than the actual print dimensions due to border mat dimensions (typically 4 to 5") and frame profiles. This is something that needs to be considered when selecting a print size. Most people are surprised just how big a 10x30” panoramic print is when fully framed.

The exception to this is of course the Canvas, Aluminium and Acrylic mounted products whereby no mat border is used.

Other sizes and special requests

Many of the images can be cropped to your particular requirements. For example you may wish a 5:2 ratio crop instead of the 3:1 panoramic ratio or perhaps a square version of a 3:2 standard format image.

Whilst sometimes this is not possible due to a loss of subject matter, in the majority of cases it isn’t an issue.

Contact us via email with your requests and we will investigate the possibility of a non standard crop and provide you with an example and pricing.

Poster Prints

All open image prints can be printed poster style. That is printed with a title and location along with the reference to Garry Frayne | Photo Images and if required signed below.

Contact us via email for examples and pricing of your chosen prints and media type.

Other Products

We can also supply calendars, coasters, placemats, ice blocks, screen savers etc. of your favourite images.

Should you desire such a product, please contact us directly via email with your requirements and we will be happy to provide examples and pricing accordingly.