The natural world is such an amazing place!

I feel so privileged to have been able to witness some of her many spectacular moods, from incredibly dramatic displays of raw power as the ocean relentlessly pounds a remote rocky shoreline to the eerie calm of a cold and foggy winters morning deep in a hidden valley. Both stunningly beautiful in their own right.

My passion is to capture these moods, both in colour and shades of grey, in a bid to share the awesome beauty she has to offer.

A little about me...

garry frayne fine art black back ground

I grew up in the Pilbara region within the North West of Western Australia, where my love affair with the ocean and outback began. Living, working and most importantly exploring and playing in WA's remote North West I was fortunate to have been part of many magical moments that take your breath away. Some of which in my later years I have managed to capture on film and more recently digital media.

Being relatively shy and reserved in nature, I tend to avoid the lime light and don’t typically enter photographic competitions, join professional associations or similar forums to promote my work. I prefer to let my photography speak for its self, relying upon word of mouth. Possibly not the best business plan, but ultimately I do this out of passion rather than need.

My current passion is capturing images which are truly representative of the moment. What you see is generally what I saw through the lens at the time. The only difference may be some minor techniques to provide extra dynamic range or motion effects, through the use of multiple or long exposures, often capturing what we can't see with our eye.

The only filters used are neutral density (both graduated and non-graduated variants) and very occasionally a circular polariser to enable slower exposures, control light transitions, eliminate glare and enhance the natural colour where necessary.

In the case of panoramic formats, typically a number of overlapping images across a scene are joined together to create a higher resolution panoramic crop. This is preferable as normally a single exposure cropped to panoramic format from even the highest resolution cameras will have limited native resolution printing capabilities.

Likewise in the case of difficult lighting conditions where the dynamic range is beyond my camera’s capability, a few images of varying exposures may be blended to ensure the entire image is adequately exposed, avoiding missed detail.

I like to limit my post processing to the bare minimum, however some processing is necessary since all images are captured in a Raw format, similar to a negative in the traditional film days. Rather than rely upon my cameras inbuilt processing to produce a jpeg, I prefer to take more control and process the raw image manually outside of the camera. All of the techniques I use in post processing are in line with what would have been achievable in the traditional film era of photography.

I am increasingly being drawn to capturing dramatic landscapes in black and white. In my experience black and white images have the ability to accentuate the drama and impact far more than a colour equivalent. I find they have a truly artistic and timeless appeal to them, which makes such images perfect for display, where sometimes colour prints can be seen as less presentable. Perhaps this is a response to my inner purist which has so far limited my desire to heavily manipulate images, so expect to see more and more of these images creeping into my portfolio.

In saying all of this, occasionally I’ll explore the more artistic side of image manipulation. These will appear in a separate gallery so you know they may not actually represent what was real at the time. Who knows perhaps I will join the trend to create abstract photographic based art work, even if it is purely for my own enjoyment rather than commercial gain.

That’s one of the things that I find so appealing about photography. There are so many disciplines, techniques and artistic tangents to explore. All of which require new skills to be learnt, different equipment or practices to apply. With continual developments in technology and software further assisting in expanding the boundaries of what is or was once thought possible. Constantly blurring the line between traditional photography and art or perhaps better phrased the blending of both to create imagery rather than capture a photographic image.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and visit my site. Please enjoy the galleries and sample some of the magical moments I've been privileged to witness behind the lens.

So sit back, grab your drink of choice and enjoy the journey with me.

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